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BobcatCard Issuance Policy

BobcatCard Issuance Policy

Capitalized words or phrases used in this Statement of Policy have the respective meanings assigned to them. "You(r)" means Student, Faculty, or Staff. "University" refers to Texas State University.

The BobcatCard serves as the University's official identification card. To obtain your initial BobcatCard, one of the following must be presented:

  1. State Issued ID Card
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Passport
  4. Military ID

The ID you present must have a photo and must be valid (not expired).  This policy is effective immediately and it MANDATORY for all incoming students, staff, and faculty.

  1. The BobcatCard is for University usage and is the property of Texas State University.
  2. By accepting this card, you accept all terms and conditions of the card as well as its use.
  3. It is mandatory that you carry your BobcatCard with you while on University property.
  4. You are the only person authorized to possess or use your BobcatCard.  The card is not transferable and use of the BobcatCard by someone other than the owner is considered theft and is subject to disciplinary action by the University. 
  5. A valid photo ID (driver's license, military ID, state issued ID, or current passport) is required to obtain your initial BobcatCard.  There are NO exceptions to this policy.
  6. Your BobcatCard is valid as long as you are enrolled or employed at the University, and for two years after leaving the University.  If you return to the University during this two-year period you will be expected to use your existing BobcatCard.  Without this card another card can be issued, however there will be a replacement charge.
  7. A fee is assessed to students each semester as a service fee for the ID Services BobcatCard. This does not entitle the student to a new card each semester.
  8. A replacement card fee is required to replace a lost and/or stolen BobcatCard. The fee also applies to any card rendered unusable through negligence or misuse. In an effort to maintain the most current record, a new photo will be taken each time a replacement card is issued.
  9. It is your obligation to notify the card office if your BobcatCard has been lost or stolen. Once a BobcatCard has been reported lost or stolen it is unable to be reactivated even if it is found.
  10. Proof of identity is required for all new BobcatCards. We will accept any one of the above-mentioned valid, government issued, picture IDs.
  11. No hats or other head wear are allowed except for religious reasons. The same rules for Passport and other government issued ID’s will be followed.
  12. No sunglasses are allowed on the head, around the neck or in the shirt except for visually impaired patrons.
  13. No “funny” faces or gestures will be allowed.
  14. Eyes must be open and facing camera.
  15. The University reserves the right to make modifications to the BobcatCard system as deemed necessary.  For additional information, questions or comments please contact the ID Service BobcatCard Office 512.245.2297 during normal business hours.

Policy on Release of BobcatCard Digitized Photographs

The use of any photography submitted through the BobcatCard online photo submission software is only to obtain a new BobcatCard (ID card). If you want a new photo on your BobcatCard, the standard replacement fee applies. If an incorrect photo is submitted and your card is printed, at the time of pickup, a replacement fee will be required to have a new card printed with your correct photo.

When a photograph is taken for the  issuance of a BobcatCard, the digitized photo will be stored electronically for identification and security purposes. In addition, the photo may be used for approved internal college business purposes (e.g. class rosters, seating charts, academic advising rosters, and businesses that may be approved in the future).