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Intra-campus Mailing Guide

Intra-Campus Mail, or mail sent exclusively to and from departments on campus, is somewhat different than regular mail, but it's a convenient way for departments to exchange information. Account numbers are not required for intra-campus mail.

Packaging and addressing
Personnel changes
Policies & Procedures

Internal or intra-campus mail is to be used only for official university business, as outlined in the Policy and Procedure Statement (FSS/PPS) below.

Packaging and addressing

Recycled envelopes are used for mailing this type of correspondence. When using these envelopes, please be sure to mark out previous addresses and print the name of the person or office to receive the envelope. To provide proper delivery, intra-campus mail requires a full name, a department name, room number and building name.

Helpful hint: If a student or graduate student works in your area and receives correspondence, their department or office name must be included in the address. Failure to include this information may result in the item being sent to their local or permanent home address.

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Large mailouts for employees via intra-campus delivery need to be sorted and bundled by departments/offices. Intra-campus mail addressed to Residence halls is to be sorted and bundled by halls for proper distribution. If the large intra-campus mailings are not bundled correctly, the mail will be returned to the department for resorting. This could cause an additional delay in processing the mail.

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Personnel changes

For any changes in location of departments/offices or personnel, the Print & Mail Services office must be notified in order to avoid delay in mail reaching the proper departments/offices and personnel. Send any location changes to the Print & Mail Services Supervisor via e-mail or written memo.

It is the responsibility of each department/office to forward mail for any individual no longer employed by the University.

A forwarding address should be obtained from the former employee for the department/office to use to forward his or her mail.

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Texas State guidelines and regulations (FSS/PPS 05.03.06) concerning use of mail services

Revised: 08/07
Issue No. 4
REVIEWER: Director, Auxiliary Services
Effective Date: 11/97 (E2Y)
Review Date: 11/09


01.01 To describe the policies related to the use of the Texas State Campus Mail System. The services provided by Texas State University Mail Services are governed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) Private Express Statutes, the laws and regulations of the State of Texas and TSUS Board of Regents policies, where applicable.


02.01 All incoming and outgoing mail processed by the University must be the official business of the University. Mail Services may audit all campus mailings for content by visually inspecting a random sample from mailings to ensure compliance with the relevant statutes and policies.

02.02 Mail Services may not process internal campus mailings intended to be used for commercial, personal, or private gain or for solicitation in violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, Texas State University System.

02.03 Mail Services will only accept internal campus mailings for delivery that clearly demonstrate that the subject of the mailing is sponsored by a department, a recognized faculty or staff organization, or a private support organization legally constituted per Board of Regents Rules and Regulations (see chapter 9, sec. 1.1).

Student organizations will not be allowed access to the internal mail system. Mailings received through the USPS will be distributed as incoming mail.

02.04 Acceptable mailings must be written on University letterhead, or have a University return address, or clearly and prominently state that the function is sponsored by a department, recognized affiliate, or other related Texas State entity.

02.05 No person or organization may use the campus mail system for influencing the outcome of any election or the passage or defeat of any legislative measure. No person or organization may use the mail system in a manner that discriminates on any illegal basis, such as race, color, age, national origin, sex, or disability.

02.06 Mail Services may carry internal campus mail of its affiliated faculty or administrative organizations to campus destinations. The restrictions outlined in this policy apply.

02.07 Outside businesses are not allowed access to the campus mail system. Departments may not serve as a conduit for mail for outside organizations or individuals unless the entirety of the material relates to the official business of Texas State.

02.08 Mail Services shall maintain or make provisions to purchase postal materials (stamps, postcards, etc.) which departments may purchase to meet special mailing needs. Departments may purchase stamps in large quantities for special mailings through Mail Services.

02.09 Use of Texas State Permit 29, nonprofit permit, is regulated by the U.S. Postal Service. Failure to follow USPS regulations could result in the revocation of the University's nonprofit mail permit. Only Mail Services is authorized to affix nonprofit bulk mail postage, and it is the responsibility of the Mail Services Supervisor or a Mail Clerk to certify that the mailings meet the standards required by the regulation.

To assure compliance, Mail Services is authorized to review all bulk mail material for conformance with the standards prior to affixing postage. Materials should be submitted for review by Mail Services prior to being printed or otherwise duplicated for mailing. Materials that do not meet the standards will not be mailed at the bulk rate.


03.01 The Mail Services Supervisor and Mail Clerk will be responsible for auditing campus mailings for compliance with the relevant statutes and policies. All mailings will be reviewed for consistency with this policy. A Mail Services Interdepartmental Barcode is required for all outgoing mail. Mailings will be accepted in the Mail Services office located in JCK 104 or will be picked up on delivery routes. Individuals will be notified if there is a problem with their mailing. If there is a disagreement between a department and Mail Services regarding a ruling on a mailing, either department may appeal to the Director of Auxiliary Services. The Director of Auxiliary Services is the final source of appeal.



Major responsibilities for routine assignments associated with this PPS include the following:

Director, Auxiliary Services
Sept (E2Y-97)


This FSS/PPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities, and represents FSS policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

Director, Auxiliary Services, Reviewer

Vice President for Finance and Support Services
Approved: ____________________________
Approved: ____________________________
Vice President for Finance
and Support Services

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