Booksmart at TXST


What to know about BookSmart at TXST

BookSmart is TXST’s digital textbook program that provides undergraduate Bobcats with quick and easy access to ALL materials for their academic courses. BookSmart at TXST will save students hundreds of dollars per semester as the costs for required course materials will be conveniently included in your tuition and fees.

Issues with BookSmart?

For all opt-out-related inquiries please email us at

For all questions regarding accessing digital materials for both faculty and students please email us at

Benefits of BookSmart at TXST

  • Save hundreds on course textbooks and materials.
  • Access to all required course materials on day one of each semester.
  • Easy access to digital course materials via Canvas.
  • Reduced stress during the purchasing process.

How it Works

  1. Register for class.
  2. All course materials are digitally loaded onto Canvas.
  3. Non-digital materials can be picked up at The Bobcat Store in LBJ Student Center.
  4. That’s it! You are ready for day one.

If you do not wish to participate in BookSmart program you may opt out 


For Instructors

Instructor Digital Integration Instructions

Professor BookSmart

Instructions on how to do digital integration for instructors and professors  

Follett ACCESS E-Book and Courseware


  • BookSmart at TXST is a cost-saving initiative that provides every undergraduate student with ALL their required course materials via digital delivery. Students will save hundreds semesterly and thousands throughout the course of their college career.  Please remember as instructed: anytime you access BookSmart you must use your University Assigned Log-On Credentials.  Please do not use any alias you may have created to login.

  • Yes! Bobcats will be able to save hundreds of dollars a semester because of the low, per-semester charge ($249 per academic semester). This fee will provide students with ALL REQUIRED course materials needed for each class.

  • All Texas State University undergraduate students are eligible to participate in BookSmart at TXST beginning fall 2023.

  • Required course materials assigned by your professor will be included in your purchase, including required textbooks and access codes.

    Consumable course materials, such as art supplies or lab kits, will NOT be included.

  • BryteWave is part of the technology behind BookSmart. You can highlight text, bookmark, search, sort and take notes using BryteWave.  While Accessing BryteWave, please use your University Assigned Log On Credentials. If you do not receive an email in your TXST email account from BryteWave, but believe you have digital textbooks, go to the BryteWave web site. Log in using your TXST email address, do not use any alias you have created to login with, and your BryteWave password. If you do not know your password, select "Forgot Password" and enter your TXST email address. The login information will be sent to your TXST email.

  • RedShelf is part of the technology behind BookSmart.  It is a digital content distributor. While many of your e-text materials are embedded in your courseware, those that are not will be accessed through RedShelf.

  • Students are automatically opted in, and it will be charged as part of your university student fee.

  • Yes, the charges will be added to your student bill and you may utilize your financial aid to cover the cost.

  • The university will make every effort to ensure students have all materials available to them on the first day of class. However, changes during the add/drop period may affect orders in a way that is beyond the control of Texas State.

    Additionally, physical products are affected by supply chains, which can result in delays for students.

  • You’ll be able to find your digital materials and e-books by logging into your TXST Canvas. In Canvas, click on your course and then select modules to access your digital materials.

    Digital materials will be available in Canvas the week prior to the first day of class (or within 48 hours of registration for digital materials within the add/drop period).

  • You will have until census date to be able to opt out.  Please see the academic calendar for the census date.

    * Please note that BookSmart at TXST is an “all in” option, meaning if you decide to opt out for just one class, you will be opting out for ALL your classes, and course materials will no longer be available.

  • Requests will be processed one at a time and student accounts will be credited after the census date as established by the university’s academic calendar.

  • If you drop a course, no action needs to be taken for digital materials. Physical materials must be returned to The Bobcat Store in the LBJ Student Center.

  • If material is not available digitally, students will receive an email at their Texas State email address ( that they have physical materials to pick up at the Bobcat Store in the LBJ Student Center.

  • Students may request traditional print versions of class materials for an additional fee. Students will need to contact The Bobcat Store in the LBJ Student Center for more information at 512-245-2585.

    Please note that delivery will be dependent on stock availability. 

  • 1) Follow this link Access Shipping Fee: Texas State University ( 

    2) Click “Add to Bag” 

    3) Then click “View Bag & Checkout" 

    4) Click “Checkout” on the right 

    5) Click “Create Account” or “Checkout as Guest” 

    6) Choose “Ship to an Address” and complete requested information 

    7) Enter Student ID (Your A#) in “Special Instructions” 

    8) Follow steps to complete your order

    **Please keep your order number handy and include in any communications regarding your order. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing and additional time for transit.

  • Only materials identified as required by your professor are included in the program. All recommended materials must be purchased separately.

  • Yes, students have the option to opt back in by the census date.  Once the census date has passed you will no longer have the ability to opt in or opt out.  Please see the academic calendar for the census date.

  • Any physical or non-digital materials you received for any course you remain enrolled in are yours to keep.

Need Support with BookSmart at TXST?

Contact The Bobcat Store at 512-245-2273 for assistance with troubleshooting BookSmart at TXST.